EMERGING s.r.o. is a consulting and investment firm with its core expertise in emerging technologies within the financial technologies (FinTech) sector.


The firm offers education, insights, as well as a guided consulting to firms and individuals who want to make investments within the FinTech sector. 

Our Services

Asides from educational content development and consulting, the firm is an active investor within the domains of cryptocurrency, specializing in cryptocurrency trading with the usage of automation platforms. The investment fund managed by the firm is a hands-on application of its intellectual property and expertise, and a showcase of a successful application of the principles that the firm teaches and advocates.


Automated cryptocurrency trading requires a set of sophisticated tools, knowledge, and experience. And once the automation is in place, it still requires human supervision, management, and tuning.

Education and Consulting

We offer recorded videos and interactive workshops aimed for groups and individuals of all levels.

Investment Fund

Stay tuned to see the details of our own Crypto Investment Fund.

Managed Crypto Trading

With an API-based access, we manage your crypto trading for you.


"I really like Alex very much because I have learned a lot from him as a beginner. At the beginning I was attracted by his YouTube video and then joined Discord discussion and subscribed for his services. At present, I have tens of bot running, every of them was from him or inspired by his thought and discussion. All bots are running so well now bringing me positive profit every day. "

- J.C. (Customer)

"I have been studying technical analysis on the market for a while now, all I can say is that his strategies and the community are of big help in a technical, but most important in a psychological way. Emotions are a major component of trading and being a part of this community has helped me manage my emotions in a much better way. I can't remember exactly how I bumped into Alex, but I am so glad I did, he is a true leader and he is leading us to a good path."

- J.V. (Discord community member)


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